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Pennsylvania counties have four types of incorporated municipalities: cities, boroughs, townships, and towns. Besides dozens of designated cities and towns, Delaware County has twenty-seven boroughs and twenty-one townships. From to , Delaware County lost 54 percent of its manufacturing jobs. Unlike manufacturing jobs, the service jobs that replaced them were scattered more broadly throughout the county.

Retailers, restaurants, and services followed the spread of population into communities that offered desirable housing styles and schools. Health care provided another important source of employment, dominated by general medical and surgical hospitals, but also including physicians, residential facilities treating intellectual disabilities, community care for the elderly, and nursing homes.

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It remained in use as the county courthouse after Delaware County separated from Chester County in A new county seat was established in Media in and the courthouse became Chester City Hall. These same settlers refused to sell William Penn land in Chester to create his colonial capital, forcing him to look northeast to what is now Philadelphia.

It closed in but still stands, the only structure of its kind in the United States. Library of Congress This coal-fired power plant on the Delaware River in Chester stood vacant and derelict for over a decade. In the early twenty-first century, the plant was converted to an office complex, one of several waterfront developments to bring new businesses to the city.

Library of Congress This map shows the early settlements of Delaware County. Within a few decades of its publication, several of the larger townships in the east were divided into smaller independent boroughs, such as Upper Darby and east Lansdowne. Its construction, though delayed for thirty years, increased traffic and commerce to the area and was intended in part to spur Delaware River waterfront redevelopment in Chester. The "Blue Route" designation arose from the route's color on a planning map that also showed alternate possible paths for the highway in red and green.

The Blue Route runs north-south between Interstate 76 and Interstate On this map, north is to the left and south to the right. Rose Valley Museum and Historical Society Founded in near the Delaware County town of Moylan, Pennsylvania, by Philadelphia architect William Lightfoot Price, Rose Valley was an experimental utopian community devoted to the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement, which attempted to mobilize architecture and the crafts to address what they saw as the ills and inequalities of industrialized society.

The colony was devoted to integrating the crafts into everyday life for its residents, arguing that individual labor and beautiful-but-functional objects had potent moral qualities. Special Collections Research Center, Temple University Libraries Upper Darby in northwestern Delaware County has been home to a bustling downtown business district for most of the twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, as seen in this photograph.

The borough was primarily farmland until the construction of the Market-Frankford Elevated Line in provided easy access to and from Philadelphia. Retail and entertainment venues cluster around the transportation hub at Sixty-Ninth and Market Streets. It was one of the few local manufacturing plants to survive late-twentieth-century closures. In this scene from , Governor William Scranton addresses a crowd at the Boeing plant at its peak employment during the Vietnam War. After the war, it entered a period of decline as demand for warships decreased. After a few decades of manufacturing merchant ships, Sun Ship was sold to Pennsylvania Shipbuilding in It closed in , one of several industrial failures to hit the city in the late twentieth century.

Historically the Republican Party dominated county politics starting before the Civil War and continuing through most of the twentieth century.

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Bush b. The final decades of the twentieth century witnessed dramatic population shifts in Delaware County, with some older communities losing population while newer suburbs to the west and north gained. Those population shifts mirrored the widening income gaps between communities. Join the discussion at a Greater Philadelphia Roundtable or add your nomination online.

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Carved out of Chester County in with the remainder of that county lying to its southwest , Delaware County long served as a distinct but close neighbor to the City of Philadelphia. Linked to the Philadelphia port from the eighteenth century onward, the eastern part of the county, including Chester and its neighboring municipalities along the Delaware River, was almost indistinguishable from nearby Philadelphia neighborhoods while much of the rest of the county remained agricultural into the late twentieth century. In the mid-nineteenth century, the introduction of regional railways fostered new town centers at commuter stations.

The westernmost section remained predominantly rural until the late twentieth century, when the county began to experience the effects of large-scale development. That mixed settlement pattern created some of the widest social disparities observable in any suburban county in the Philadelphia metropolitan area.

Library of Congress. Lenni Lenape were the original inhabitants of the area that became Delaware County. In the early seventeenth century, Swedish farmers settled in the area, while Dutch trappers came to trade pelts. Later in that century, William Penn gained control of the area as part of a land grant from the English king.

Only when an established landowner there refused to sell him enough property for the town to expand did Penn turn north to locate his provincial capital, Philadelphia, twelve miles up the Delaware River. Although no longer the provincial capital, Chester remained a county seat and continued to serve that role after Delaware County separated from Chester County in During its early history it remained a small market town, hemmed in by farms and the river. In , when the county courthouse and jail became dilapidated and too costly to fix, residents established a new county seat in mid-county and named it Media.

That prompted many prominent county citizens to relocate from Chester to Media, where they built fine brick homes and offices surrounding the new courthouse.

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Wikimedia Commons. William Penn encouraged the formation of self-governing communities in his new territory. The earliest townships became incorporated well before Delaware County separated from Chester County, some even before Some settlers clustered in market towns and manufacturing centers that prospered largely due to their connections to Philadelphia. Living at increasing densities, residents wanted reliable water supplies, well-maintained roads, docks, and other transportation and commercial facilities, and peacekeeping by hired constables.

They secured those services by carving out small self-governing boroughs from large townships. Most such population centers sat near the border with Philadelphia, with housing stock and population mix very much like adjacent areas of the city. By the s and s, a number of them had seceded from large eastern townships like Darby, Upper Darby, and Ridley and successfully established themselves as independent boroughs.

Over time this historic pattern of intense fragmentation in southeastern Delaware County brought disadvantages to the smallest jurisdictions.

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  • One of the most important routes ran along the Delaware River connecting Philadelphia with Wilmington, Delaware. Well before the American Revolution, travelers used a roadway that crossed the southern border of the county between those two cities. In the state chartered a privately owned company to maintain a section of that roadway as the Darby and Ridley Turnpike also known as the Chester Pike and collected tolls to support its upkeep.

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    The area offers a window to the past, where visitors to Drexel Hill can still see a cabin built by settlers in the mids and families can visit the site of the Battle of the Brandywine in — on a day that would eventually become known as Patriot Day — September The Main Line embodies elegance with sprawling mansions, rolling hills and a vibrant upscale dining scene. In Broomall, visitors and locals alike flock to the annual Fourth of July parade, and Springfield bursts with pride for high school football games each Friday night in the fall.

    The Crossroads section sits right at the western edge of Philadelphia and is known for its diversity of cultures, cuisines and languages. These are bustling centers full of successful businesses — such as Scott Paper, Boeing and Sunoco — delectable dining options, and a solid community of shops and nightlife destinations. Visitors can relive the American Civil War at Fort Mifflin, a living-history encampment that includes soldiers, musket drills, battlefield-medicine demonstrations, artillery exercises, hearth cooking and even a scavenger hunt.

    And, finally, on the western edge of our county is the Brandywine , where you begin to leave the suburbs behind and head for a bucolic, rural atmosphere. Wyeth, whose home and studio still display many of the props that were essential to his work.

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    The N. Through the dedication and hard work of numerous typists the transcription of the tax and census records took over two years of work to complete. My sincere gratitude goes out to these people. Keith Lockhart's collection contains many rare books and booklets on Delaware County Pa.

    History that are not available anywhere else. Contact Keith Lockhart today. Delaware County Times History Blog. Includes pictures and info on the county.

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