Manual Conscious Spending. Conscious Life.

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But getting in the habit of asking yourself this question may enhance your feelings surrounding a purchase, according to a study published by the Society for Consumer Psychology. Interestingly, the researchers found that very specific goals — like wanting to learn something new — may decrease happiness and satisfaction.

Conscious Spending

But general goals, like wanting to enjoy an experience or object, can make you feel happier about how you spend your money. Sounds like budgeting , right? This sounds like an obvious tip, right? Ever bought a basket full of organic veggies in an attempt to be healthier, only to have them go bad in your fridge?

The principle is similar.

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Research has found that, over time, the purchases that line up with your personality and values are the ones that make you happier over time. Another thing to remember: Small changes can lead to big results. Want to be healthier? Still, keeping tabs on how you feel when you swipe your credit card can help you tune into whether you need the purchase. The key to serving is simply seeing a need and meeting it. Unnecessary carries over to the objects in our home as well. So begin, room by room, removing objects that you do not love or do not serve a purpose in your daily life.

The less stuff you have, the less time you will spend caring for it and the more time you will now have for the things that bring you joy. Knowing where your money is being spent is an essential component of a deliberate life. Remember to budget some spending money for yourself, or deprivation will step in and will-power will step out!

Consciously Spending Less To Create More – It’s Over!

Contrary to some beliefs, it is not selfish to care for you. Carefully considering your thoughts, unhurried and full of consciousness, is a gift from you to you. Instead of getting submissively swept away by the hurriedness of life, remain mindful and dynamically engaged in creating the life you desire. Altering the way we have been living is no easy feat. There will be mishaps along the way. Challenge yourself to look at each error in judgement as an opportunity for growth and not a reason to quit.

6 Ways to Become a More Conscious Spender!

Remain cognizant of step 1; your WHY, always bring yourself back to why you embarked on this journey. Who you spend time with matters. Negativity has an impact on your mind, and your soul. When making changes to live a conscious life, you may encounter some resistance from those that are close to you.

7 Strategies for Living a Conscious Life - Medical Moguls

Remember, you are doing this for you. You are creating the life you desire and not everyone is ready to boldly take those steps.

Filled with tips, prompts and inspiration on how to live a happier, more mindful life, this is the book to keep on your bedside table make it the last thing you look at before sleep. Find it on Amazon. We had to read some parts of the book a couple of times to let it sink in — but it is an eye-opening read. This book explores the idea of self-compassion and uses various exercises to teach you how to bring more empathy into your life. To ultimately lead a more compassionate life, you first need to learn to be more empathetic with yourself, Collard believes.

Only when you have learned to truly be kind to yourself, you can apply the learnings to your relationships with others. The book makes mindfulness accessible to everyone — and provides more information about the scientific effect of practicing mindfulness meditation research has shown that it can actually change the brain!

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