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All 50 states regulate social work practice.


Whatever state you decide to work in as a social worker, you may want to obtain licensure, as it identifies your level of education and social work experience for the public. The application process often involves submitting an application, school transcripts, passing a state background check and passing an exam.

California contracts with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. The unit addresses concepts of moral philosophy underpinning the AASW Code of Ethics and explores the foundations of ethical decision-making. In line with Monash University's commitment to human rights and social justice, the unit has an overarching human rights approach, within which legal and ethical practice occurs. Skip to content Skip to navigation.

Code of Ethics

Search the Handbook Search. Part 1 of the Code refers to ethical responsibilities to clients, which certainly fits well for clinical social workers.

Social work values and ethics

Depending on the type of NCSW, some standards in this part may not be so relevant. Consider a policy advocate who is not working for a particular client.

NASW Risk Management Resources - National Association of Social Workers - California

How does this advocate obtain informed consent Standard 1. Consider the prohibition against having sex with clients under Standard 1.

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If a community organizer is working for the whole country, does this mean that the organizer cannot have sexual relations with anyone in the country? Standard 1. In contrast, it might be ethically appropriate for NCSWs to provide a gun violence awareness program in a school that includes their children. Note that Standard 1.


CSWs are often working with vulnerable clients in situations where dual relationships are particularly risky. For NCSWs, the riskiness of dual relationships varies widely, depending on the specific type of work they are doing.

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Contrast, for instance, an NCSW who is managing a homeless shelter who avoids hiring relatives because of concerns of nepotism, versus an NCSW who teams up with a relative to advocate for improvements to the health care system. Despite the challenges in applying some standards from Part 1 to some forms of NCSW, other standards are certainly relevant to all forms of social work.

Social work and the law in Scotland

Being competent to provide services under Standard 1. Further, some NCSW functions are similar to clinical social work in terms of working with identifiable clients. The obligations under Part 1 are easily applicable to case managers, counselors, and advocates for specific clients. Standard 6. If a social worker has a private practice specializing in psychotherapy, how is this participating in social and political action? In contrast, policy advocates and community organizers are participating in social and political action by their very nature.

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All of us have this obligation. Thus, social workers who specialize in clinical practice should devote some of their time to promoting social justice.