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If you find my thought process confusing, weird and a little sad - welcome to my wheelhouse! Even the weirdest and the simplest of locations can be transformed into majestic backgrounds if you are creative enough.

Photo Inspiration : Secrets Behind Stunning Images

You get some extra points for being able to create your own scenography out of things you find in your daily life. That leaf on the left looks like it's stuck behind her ear. Was that on purpose? With a true classic — a screen as a background, you can teleport to anywhere in the world.

I don't encourage lying to your followers about your location, but if you like deserts and don't live close to one, why don't you just bring the desert to your house?


I love those eyes, and I'm jealous of those eyebrows. Mine are almost invisible. Sometimes the behind-the-scenes are close to what we see in a final picture, and it's both fascinating and frightening. Especially, when the photographer clearly has a thing for fire.

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Needless to say, the photo is amazing, but don't try this at home. Sometimes creativity and the friend's helping hand is worth more than expensive professional equipment. Spiced up with a little Photoshop magic — it's a mesmerizing profile photo! We look for a perfect location to take the perfect shot, but not everyone can find themselves on a beach or enchanting forest on a regular basis. Who said you couldn't make a good and captivating picture in a public bathroom?

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Imagine all the possibilities you've missed! If you are not a professional photographer and don't own luxurious equipment that costs thousands of dollars, a flash on a phone and the closest area with an artsy vibe is a way to go! This abandoned factory smelled of urine, and this is why we sometimes appreciate that photos don't convey scents, but they can definitely evoke imagined smell, and I am truly sorry for this! When you have a clear vision in your head and a set of minimal skills, a simple park becomes the best scenario for a dreamy photo shoot. Confused looks of people passing by in the park will mean nothing compared to impressed followers.

Some days nothing goes according to plan — your tripod breaks and the weather doesn't want to participate in your fabulous idea. On these days, you just have to improvise. Sometimes looking for the perfect angle takes you to strange places. This is the uncolored truth behind photography — it's sometimes dirty, smelly and physically challenging. How far would you go for a stunning shot? This one could easily be featured in a collection of mind-bending photo manipulations. Omahi lost 10 dollars for destroying the statue of liberty but, in most cases, it's the destiny of all props.

Some people will see it as an abandoned dusty place, others will see the ugly vandalism, but only the most creative ones will spot a perfect place for a photo shoot and get inspired.

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  8. Seeing the beauty in the unexpected is a true talent. Wish to create a winter wonderland in the middle of summer? Not a problem at all! A creative approach and few basic essentials will transform a local park into dreamlike scenery and leave everyone wondering if you took a getaway up North recently.

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    A fire extinguisher in this photographer's house is a must. Although his obsession with fire makes for some mesmerizing images, we can't help holding our breath each time he reveals the behind-the-scenes. Capturing movement in photos is a serious challenge, especially when people are passing by your performance on the street. But when the result is becoming a real-life fruit ninja — it's totally worth the effort.

    Love has no barriers, and neither does this photographer's imagination and clever ways of bringing it to life. Implementing different scenarios for a photo shoot may come handy in other aspects of life. For this picture, the photographer had to learn how to make a torch. A skill he will be able to use when camping in the dark or the next time he comes up with a crazy idea like this.

    Here is yet another example of how you can use the changing seasons and natural environment to spice up your Instagram account. It might look hilarious from the side, but who cares when you end up looking like an autumn goddess in the finished photo. The magic is in the details, but when you see what it takes to create the photo is when you can truly appreciate it. Omah cut his finger in the process of making this image, and I'd say it's a fairly mild consequence when imagining what could have happened. This portrait is 'fire'. This is a real fire, it's also the reason such a simple shot, at first glance, took two days to make.

    There are a lot of dangerous jobs out there, who knew photography was one of them. Just a casual day laying in flowers right outside a "Corner Deli". With a bit of imagination, dull places you pass everyday turn into magical locations for flawless portraits. But there is no magic involved — just the ability to see what most people don't notice. If you just bought a new house plant, you might as well use it for a photo shoot in the parking lot.

    Beautiful, nature-inspired subtle portraits will always be a trend and you don't need to rent a costly studio to achieve a similar result — just use whatever you have on hand. That's a beautiful headband you've got there. Plants in hair is totally the new style How can you describe Las Vegas in one photo?

    Well, this vivid photo would be a decent attempt. Photographing in super crowdy touristic places and low lighting is always challenging. This image took Omah two whole days of attempts until he was satisfied with the result. This is a dummy description. The inspiration you need to help improve your photography skills Well-known for their stunning world-class photography, 1x.

    Shares behind-the-scene stories of the featured photos from the photographers themselves, from their artistic vision to the technical details that went into each shot Offers clear, concise, and accessible descriptions for the ideas, vision, performance, setup, location, equipment, camera settings, lighting diagrams, and image editing methods of each amazing photo Photo Inspiration provides a unique combination of the final photograph with the tools and knowledge that made it possible, all of which are aimed at helping you meet your photographic potential.

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