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Since its New York debut, Poetry in Motion has appeared in more than 25 other cities across the nation.

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A new anthology edited by Alice Quinn, The Best of Poetry in Motion , will include half of the plus poems featured on subways and buses, as well as a history of the collaboration. We look for poems that will speak to all ethnicities, genders, ages. We look for voices that will stimulate the exhausted, inspire the frustrated, comfort the burdened, and enchant even the youngest passengers.

According to MTA estimates of subway ridership, these reach 1. Tracy K. Your poem touched me. Or , I remember those days of living paycheck to paycheck that your poem describes.

Free Verse Poems

Adults told him how deeply they missed their parents. Several composers wanted permission to set it to music. One woman carried a MetroCard with the poem on the back for a year, then retired it to her bulletin board at work once the card expired. One reader, whose mother had recently died, thanked Phillips for the comfort that his poem provided.

After he replied with condolences, she emailed again with this question: I was wondering if I might ask you the inspiration for that poem.

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  • Others expressed their appreciation for a moment of reflection on their way back from work. Without realizing the connection, the friend relayed how she burst into tears reading a subway poem about a mother folding a tablecloth—his poem.

    Lyric Poetry

    She told him that she tucked the poem into her calendar holder as a reminder of her deceased mother and how made dinners as special as holiday feasts every night. This comment was more than enough to thrill Collins. That was my exit when I coached eighth graders at The Equity Project with their application essays for high school.

    A minister asked for permission not that he needed it to use one of the poems in his sermon. A nun wanted copies of another for senior citizens. Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. Tanka is a form of poetry from Japan, using only 5 lines of syllables respectively.

    GPT-2 Neural Network Poetry

    Tanka usually express emotions about a lover or a…. I swam in the inner ocean watching creatures float by without affection or disdain. Not doing, only…. We are attacked by distractions wanting us to not be ourselves watch the play of illusions with a serene mind peace comes to those who…. Billions of dollars for a ball. To be hit far away.

    To be juggled.

    New Poems from the Third Coast

    To be put in a hole. To be shot into a…. I lift my eyes and…. Wrinkles are time-texture. If we creased them out would the child be there? Remember Me. What is your profession? Student Teacher Writer Other.

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