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Final Impact is a story of survival, friendship, and redemption in the face of impending doom. Final Impact is an apocalyptic survival tale. It follows the tropes of many books in the genre, detailing the events of a diverse group of survivors forced to work together to survive.

However, unlike many books in the genre, which often times have EMP events whether man caused or an extreme solar event the reason the world is in peril is a mass asteroid. The story starts a short time after several smaller asteroids impact the country and focuses on a small diverse group of survivors attempting to get from Vegas to Florida, where a chance at salvation awaits. It's a pretty decent story, though not without some flaws, and entertained me from start to finish. I'd actually give it a 3. The book is narrated by Kevin Pierce, and as always he does a fantastic job.

I so identify his voice with survival fiction that even when I am reading a survival book on my kindle, it's his voice I hear in my head. I received a copy of this audio title for free in exchange for an unbiased review. I did really enjoy this story. It sucked me right in from the beginning with it's mystery and apocalyptic nature. It has a rag tag group of characters that blend well together.


I especially enjoyed the character development and how it was short and to the point in the form of flashbacks. I also enjoyed the combination of events that occur in this story making the apocalypse. It is in the weird stage of where do we go and of course a cross country roadtrip ensues. I liked the starting point of Las Vegas and how this story took us off the beaten path. It was refreshing because most stories like this take place in the same major cities and then the back mountains of Montana or somewhere like that.

This was not my first title performed by Pierce and like always he does a great job. The one thing I did notice is there is an Eastern Indian character in the rag tag group and it must have been difficult to voice this character consistently. It was just sometime he sounded more robotic then other times.

However, I stand by my previous comments that Pierce is the voice of the apocalypse and I continually look for titles narrated by him. For everything that I liked about this one the end was a big drawback for me. I think going into this book I assumed that it was going to be a series, and it very well still could be but the ending felt rushed and things were not explained. From the final chapter to the Epilogue there is a ton of time that passes and so much mystery.

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This was so good all the way through I think I was just expecting a huge cliff hanger ending and wanted more. I did enjoy this listen and overall it was a really good experience just the ending killed it from being a 5 star rating. Ok story but was any research done? I can see the ISS with my naked eye all the time. Interesting story; more shoot em up than I would have liked; end disappointing, I would have liked to hear how the extraction of Adam and his mother went and what conditions were like around where they lived.

Feels like the author just wanted to get the story finished, so he skipped the extraction and used the epilogue device. It seems unrealistic a college girl would turn to prostitution to support herself. Prostitution seems more the sad route would-be starlets go. Based on how people have behaved recently in Alaska after the earthquake and in the West with the forest fires, people do not go berserk 2 days after a disaster as in the story. Did not learn anything about prepping or meteors. However, mildly entertaining and good character development. Good examples of bad life choices. This story could have been much richer and far reaching with a little more through research.

Scientists are currently arguing that there is. YD boundary layer signifying a major impact event around 10, yrs ago triggering the onset of the Younger-Dryas and wiping out the Mega-Fauna. The carvings The Buzzard Stone also seem to illustrate a buzzard holding a round ball in its outstretched Wing with a human looking figure beneath it of a man with a severed head. They drew the conclusion that this must be a representation of a cataclysmic event and the timing corresponds tightly with the YD-barrier covering North America into North Eastern South America crossing all the way into North West Europe down into the upper Middle East.

This black matte boundary has all the tell tale signs of a major impact event, but This all corresponds with why Mammoths in Siberia wee found flash frozen with undigested food in their mouths and gut and they were blown over snapped off at the knees as if hit by a massive shockwave. My point is, these events may very well happen a lot more often than we think. Interestingly enough.

The dates of this possible impact event and the carvings at Gobekli-Tepei perfectly match the dates given by Plato for the destruction of Atlantis. Not saying it existed, but evidence is starting to build that we may only be the latest cycle of advanced human civilization and not necessarily the first. Good short listen, but could have been an outstanding adventure. Predictable but good. Worth a read if you like post apocalyptic books without zombies and such. Kevin Pierce always brings it. Love listening to his narration. Definitely worth the credit. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Great book by Jack Hunt. Meteors strike Las Vegas just as a Magician on a downward career spiral has been fired from his gig and told to evacuate his hotel room immediately. As he is doing this, he catches a thief trying to steal his things when the building shakes and breaks apart. The two are the only survivors on that floor and as they begin to make their way down an elevator shaft, they are joined by several other people.

They all band together to get out and find the whole town is like that. Checking her phone, the hooker finds messages from her father, who works for an organization like NASA.

The big meteor is 72 hours away and will destroy the Earth. The survivor group must get to Florida within that time frame to be rescued in a shuttle that is taking the "chosen" people to a space station before searching for a new home for mankind. Naturally, every obstacle gets in their way to slow them down. Several die during their trek as time runs out.

This was a very thrilling story and the narrator, Kevin Pierce, did a great job with all the voices. I will definitely listen to more from the author and the narrator. This is the type of book I like in dystopian fiction. Stories that are people centric. The inter personal issues that develop. Mr Hunt gets deep into character development. Who was your favorite character and why? I don't pick favorites. I pick events. The interplay on what to do around a message and what to do if anything about it Kevin captures that down home feeling well.

A master story teller. Was there a moment in the book that particularly moved you? The over welling stress on what to do A unless government that may well have made a bad situation worse.. A city gone mad Do we Party like its is one idea or flee.. Any additional comments? I was given the book by the author to review and the opinions are my own after thinking about the story and my feelings after reading.

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Get a free audiobook. Written by: Jack Hunt. Narrated by: Kevin Pierce. Length: 5 hrs and 51 mins. People who bought this also bought Knights Length: 55 mins Unabridged Overall. Fawkes Narrated by: Andrew B. Wehrlen Length: 4 hrs and 28 mins Unabridged Overall. Believe it or not, one of the first places you might want to head post-apocalypse is the golf course. Read Next.

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Getty Images Stock up on pharmaceuticals Raiding a hospital for medical supplies should be one of the first things on your to-do list. Get back to the earth Tamara Beckwith Canned food not going to cut it for you? Hit the links Believe it or not, one of the first places you might want to head post-apocalypse is the golf course. It basically converts movement into electricity and can be used to recharge a battery. Read Next Martha Stewart cracks the secrets to an egg-cellent Easter. Share Selection.