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No one garnered more professional respect than Dr. Which was why he'd sought her opinion this morning. Vigilante cow-tipper? Mad donut snatcher at Mamie's? Her blue-gray eyes twinkled.

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Some low-down snake took off with the high school's royal-blue street sign again. What exciting story are you working on next? This work-in-progress is a little different. No romance. I tried putting it aside several times, but the characters keep haunting me. When did you first consider yourself a writer?

It took a long time.

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I've always loved by words, books, stories, but never thought I could actually be a writer. Even after I sold my first book, I kept waiting for the phone call telling me they'd made a mistake. Over the years, I was finally able to say out loud that I'm a writer. Do you write full-time?

If so, what's your work day like? If not, what do you do other than write and how do you find time to write? I don't write full time, but I do try to make those butt-on-chair hours regular. I teach yoga part time and take care of my grandson part time. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

I have to have the right name for my main characters before I can start writing their story. I also need quiet so I can hear the characters come to life. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

So many things. An Olympic dressage rider. As he and his partner, Doug, are questioning potential witnesses, Ashley appears. Garret is left trying to balance numerous emotions As Garret and Ashley explore their attraction, things are happening to Ashley that has her scared and Garret even more protective.

The new life that Ashley built seems to be falling apart and Garret is determined to help her, to be everything she needs. Has Ashley acquired a stalker due to her writing? Or does it have to do with her past? The one part that she doesn't share with anyone, and it still has the power to shut her down emotionally in self-defense, has come back to haunt her.

Who killed Alice? Was it related to what's happening with Ashley? Can Ashley take a risk on letting Garret into her life, her heart?

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Will Garret prove to her that she can trust him with everything she is, that he's her future? Will they get their HEA?

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One-click now and find out. I am loving this series by Lori Ryan and have become addicted to it. I'm looking forward to see who the next book is about. I have a theory and I hope I'm right. While I do recommend reading this series in order as previous characters are mentioned in each subsequent story, I also feel the author gives enough information in her books so as not to leave the reader feeling as though they missed something if read as a standalone or out of sequence. Apr 29, Debbie Oxier rated it really liked it. This was a good romantic suspense but not my favorite of the author's. Ashley is the town librarian.

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She is one of several adopted children that have been raised by a wonderful couple who took them in and gave them a kind and loving home. She is close to her siblings and they all meet every Sunday at their parents for dinner. Ashley came from a foster family who mistreated her. Not only that but she became a wild child as a result, giving her parents no end of grief until she managed to get her This was a good romantic suspense but not my favorite of the author's.

Not only that but she became a wild child as a result, giving her parents no end of grief until she managed to get her life turned around. When her old social worker is murdered, Detective Garret Hensley comes knocking at her door. Garret is taken by Ashley but feels she holds the key to Alice's murder. If he can just convince her to open up to him, he's certain she'll give him a lead on the case.

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But Ashley is hiding something, a secret she's never told anyone before. All Garret's probing has revived old memories Ashley would prefer remain buried. However, a monster is out there, one who wants to silence those memories once and for all. And there's a child involved this time too. Garret is forced to put the pressure on but what he uncovers might be too much for the woman he's falling in love with to bear.

How far will he go to solve his case? Once Ashley's secret is revealed will he still want to be with her? And will Ashley survive her dangerous journey back into the past, a past she's desperately tried to overcome. A real page turner.

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Definitely recommend. Apr 26, Natasha Hawke rated it it was amazing. Wow I was yet again blown away by this latest edition to the series,I was very fortunate to receive a copy for my honest opinion. It was so good to see Ashley again,with her lack of filter she just says things how they are that is until she meets Garrett!

They meet under some truly tragic conditions,the murder of a very much loved social worker,someone who helped them both when they were younger. Ashley suffered through an awful childhood but came out as a str Wow I was yet again blown away by this latest edition to the series,I was very fortunate to receive a copy for my honest opinion. Ashley suffered through an awful childhood but came out as a strong heroine,with a big heart,she fights for the underdog and adores her family,but she takes her time with Garrett.

The feelings they have for each other are strong from the very beginning but after all Ashley has been through she doesn't feel worthy of love and doesn't believe that Garrett could want her! Our hero realising what a treasure Ashley is sets about reassuring her,and so a relationship starts. So very sweet they are together,they made me laugh and smile,something very much needed after reading Ashley's heartbreaking tale,handled so very well by Lori and Garrett! So we have love and laughter and suspense,we don't know who did anything until the very end! Honestly I cannot recommend this book and series enough!

Apr 26, Cathy rated it it was amazing. One look at Ashley and Garret knew she was hiding something. As Garret gets to know Ashley he realizes she is hiding a horrible secret and that she has been hurt terribly as a child in the foster care system. When she finally tells Garret her past secrets it unleashes more heartache for Ashley. As Garret races to find Ashley he realizes he wants her in his life and does everything he can to save her. Lori Ryan has done it again!

Her ability to write such strong stories with a great balance of romance as well as a story line that keeps you on the edge of your seat is so amazing to me. Protect and Serve is not a fluffy romance and the relationship between Ashley and Garret is very balanced and well written. Another great book by Lori Ryan!!! I received an ARC for an honest review. Apr 26, Lea rated it it was amazing Shelves: romantic-suspense , millitary-police-and-firefighters , small-town-series , favorites. I loved this book! Garret and Ashley have a beautiful and powerful love story that happens to take place over the course of a murder investigation.

I loved them together, I loved how Garret fought hard for her when she tried to put her walls back up. Ashley comes with a lot of pretty heavy baggage. She grew up in foster care and while eventually she was adopted by a wonderful family with ple I loved this book! She grew up in foster care and while eventually she was adopted by a wonderful family with plenty more single siblings for more books, yay! Garret is investigating a case he shouldn't be but he doesn't trust anyone else to do it right and somehow it all comes back to Ashley which should make her off limits but the chemistry between them is undeniable and irresistible.

These two together are wonderful, they are such a perfect fit. They have to fight for their HEA but it's definitely worth the ride and the suspense just adds to the page turning love story. I couldn't put it down and stayed up way past my bedtime to finish! I highly recommend this book to any fan of the romantic suspense genre. I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for for honest review.

May 09, Jo Lawless rated it it was amazing. Welcome Back to Evers, TX. This time around it's time to check in with the Queen of Town Talk, Ashley Walker, and finally find out the big secret she's been hiding from all these years. Lori Ryan mangages to take us on a thrill ride of ups and downs and still deal with some pretty serious subjects in a diginified and respectful manner. And of course that signature Lori Ryan steam is ever present. In Garret Hensley, the town of Evers gets another hero that causes the hearts of Ryan fans to go pitter-patter, or well at least the heart of this Ryan fan.

And we get to check in with some old favorites of the Evers cast of characters. You know in this town everyone's business is town business but that's what makes it so great. Because when your down and need help that's also town business and the whole town comes to bat for you. This is a definite recommend in my book as Ryan just keeps rolling the hits out. Apr 25, Bev Sten rated it it was amazing. A romantic suspense that'll knock your socks off. You'll chew your fingernails to the bone. The twists and turns in this book are phenomenal. One of Ms Ryan's best writes ever.

To say that Ashley had a rotten childhood doesn't even scratch the surface. That she over came It is truly a feat of faith and love of her adopted family. When her social worker is murdered Ashley realizes she isn't as heeled as well she thought. Her life come tumbling down on her. Garret Hensley had a less than stellar ch A romantic suspense that'll knock your socks off. Garret Hensley had a less than stellar childhood also and relied on the lady next door for the love and communication his mother didn't have time for working 3 jobs to keep a roof over their head.

Garret, now a county Sheriff and Ashley come together under very strained conditions. An awesome, romantic suspense write with all the ingredients for the awesome read that it is! Highly recommended. Apr 25, Jennie Fortna rated it it was amazing. ARC copy for honest review with no compensation. Awesome read…. This story pulls you in right from the beginning and takes you on a journey of highs and lows in the lives of Garret and Ashley and what will hopefully be their happy ever after but… Garret is a detective and is investigating the death of Alice, a social worker who lived in his apartment complex growing up and she helped take care of him when his mother was working.

Ashley was a foster child wit ARC copy for honest review with no compensation. Ashley was a foster child with a very dark past that Alice worked with and helped to get adopted and into a stable home. Will these two damaged people be able to come to terms with their pasts and find a true love for each other or will they end up destroyed?????

Apr 23, Carol Stalnaker rated it it was amazing. Ashley Walker's adoption by the Walkers and her friendship with her Social Worker Alice were the saving grace for her life.

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Now grown and the popular librarian in her town, Ashley's troubled past is brought up again when Alice is brutally murdered. Meeting Detective Garrett Hensley as he investigates Alice's murder, she is drawn to him despite her natural resolve to remain single and not get too close to anyone.

The story is suspenseful and the characters are well developed. The attraction betwe Ashley Walker's adoption by the Walkers and her friendship with her Social Worker Alice were the saving grace for her life. The attraction between Ashley and Garrett is immediate and he is determined to be there for her and to build a future together.

This is one of those stories that you will want to read again and again. I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. May 07, Ashley Hampton rated it it was amazing. I liked the continuation of the Evers community with this installment in the Heroes of Evers series.

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